UFC 200 Predictions
UFC 200   Meisha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes This is an interesting matchup for Tate’s first title defense.  I was pretty much ready to call Tate’s last win a fluke, with no chance of defending the title against Holly Holm or Ronda again.  This matchup, however, should be a bit of a confidence booster.  While… (0 comment)

Bill S.978: The End of "Let’s Plays"
Take a minute to check out some of these links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib7-vSrp6y8 http://act.demandprogress.org/letter/ten_strikes?akid=700.450896.5hVZPC&rd=1&t=1 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s112-978 How does it affect you and me?  It aims to limit the posting of videos demonstrating video games that we enjoy.  Many of the big studios support this bill, because public uploading of early previews might hurt sales if the game doesn’t… (0 comment)

UFC 193 Predictions
UFC 193 Predictions   Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm Ronda’s obvious strong point is her ground game, so much that we rarely see her use any other tools against her opponents. She simply hasn’t had to. Likewise, If Holly Holm has superior stand up, how is her takedown defense against someone like Ronda? I am… (0 comment)

UFC 180 Predictions
UFC 180   Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt There is no disputing that Hunt has knockout power, and can certainly do big damage even with his stand up and bang fighting style.  However, Werdum has trained harder than ever to improve, and almost no one has been able to take him down.  Which Hunt would… (0 comment)

UFC 179 Predictions
UFC 179   Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes I cannot see Chad Mendes winning a standup battle against Aldo, as recently we have only seen him paired up with downright average strikers.  I see Aldo pushing the game early on, and Mendes has a tendency to coast early on.  If Mendes can stop his game… (0 comment)

UFC 143 Predictions
UFC 143 Diaz vs. Condit Seeing that Condit says he plans on testing Diaz’s chin, that is probably the last thing he is actually planning.  We’ve already seen how that plan usually turns out.   More than likely he will try to leverage a wrestling advantage, which will be tough against great takedown defense. Diaz… (0 comment)

UFC 134 Predictions
UFC 134 Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami The last time these two fought, Okami walked away with a decision victory, but Silva was already clearly proving he is the better striker. The only real chance Okami has against Silva is on the ground then, and Okami is powerful on the ground and has good takedowns.… (0 comment)

UFC 133 Predictions
UFC 133 Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz Everyone that I’ve heard talking about this fight says things like ‘Tito’s back”  “Tito has that confidence again” and “Tito’s on a winning streak”.  Seemingly, everyone is forgetting that the very last UFC, people were gambling that Tito would be dropped from the UFC after another loss.  So… (0 comment)

UFC 132 Predictions
Dominick Cruz vs.  Urijah Faber Back in 2007, Faber was the first, and only, man to beat Cruz.  Not only that, but he did so decisively, in the first 98 seconds.  Granted, Cruz has improved his game greatly since then, but I believe Faber still has a strong advantage on the ground.  Cruz may pull… (0 comment)