Review of the Movie – "Ghost Writer"
Before watching this movie, I thought I had a fairly good idea how interesting it would be, and for the most part, I was right.  It wasn’t quite as interesting as some of the previews may lead you to believe, but it wasn’t that far off the mark either.  With that said, overall it was… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "Inception"
Fast action.  Complex.  Intriguing.  Thought-provoking.  All of these describe this movie, yet don’t do justice to describe the depth of this movie.  The initial premise is simple enough; rather than steal information in the real world, where it is easy enough to hide and protect, thieves are now able to enter your subconscious mind and… (1 comment)

Review of the Movie – "The Green Zone"
The promoters of this movie bombarded us with taglines comparing this movie to the Bourne Trilogy.  They were wrong, oh so very wrong, as this movie bears no similarities to any Bourne movie.  Yes, it was made by the same director and it stars Matt Damon, but it is very military-centric, and it is not… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "The Bounty Hunter"
I’m still pretty amazed that this movie was labeled as a romantic comedy.  As a comedy, it did have some funny moments  that were well written, but they were mostly one-sided and quickly went stale.  As romance movie, it was a total failure, with seemingly little or no chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. … (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "Up in the Air"
Even though this movie is a little older, I had heard some people saying good things about this movie, so I decided to check it out.  In hindsight, I probably should have paid more attention to what they thought about the entire movie, and not just that one scene.  The acting was pretty good, but… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "The Wolfman"
One of the great things about this movie, other than terrific scenery in some of the city shots and the action sequences, was the great acting by Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.  The action scenes were done very well, and draw you into the plot more and more.  The one downside to this movie… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "The Stranger"
Before watching this movie, I read the blurb about the movie on IMDB and it sounded interesting, but I figured ‘How good could it be?  It has Steve Austin as the lead!’.  I’m sure many other people assume the same when they see him as the lead character in a movie, but its not necessarily… (0 comment)

Reviews Coming soon
Coming up soon I will have a few more movie reviews.  A review of the movie ‘The Stranger’ should be done tomorrow.  Aside from that, the movies coming up next are going to be: ‘The Fourth Kind’, ‘She’s out of my League’ and ‘Remember Me’.  The next video game review will be coming up towards… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "Public Enemies"
Hearing what other people had to say about this movie, I thought I was going to really enjoy this movie.  Overall, I did really enjoy it, but wished the plot had more to it.  It might be partly because it’s based on real people, and partly because you already know what ultimately happens in the… (0 comment)