UFC 143 Predictions

UFC 143 Predictions

UFC 143

Diaz vs. Condit
Seeing that Condit says he plans on testing Diaz’s chin, that is probably the last thing he is actually planning.  We’ve already seen how that plan usually turns out.   More than likely he will try to leverage a wrestling advantage, which will be tough against great takedown defense.
Diaz via decision

Nelson vs. Werdum
Nelson has had a number of high profile losses lately, but this fight might be perfectly playing to his strengths this time.   Werdum will probably not try to exchange punches with him, and will try to take the fight to the ground.  In the process, Nelson will have a perfect chance to wear him down.
Nelson via decision

Koscheck vs. Pierce
While Pierce is a good fighter, Koscheck is definitely better, although he is prone to stupid mistakes.  A mistake for Koscheck this time around would be to keep this fight standing for too many rounds.  We haven’t really seen Koscheck take a heavy punch on the chin and survive, but we have seen him survive on the ground against BJ Penn and GSP.
Koscheck via TKO, round 3

 Barao vs. Jorgensen
In this one, Jorgensen seems to have better wrestling, as well as more experience.  Barao on the other hand, has found his aggression in the last 2 fights, and will be able to slowly wear him down.
Barao via decision

 Herman vs. Starks
Its hard to even remember Herman’s last 3 fights.  With a series of knee injuries, he has been sidelined on and off for quite some time.  However, he has faced a much higher caliber of fighters in the past, and should take this easily enough.
Herman via submission, round 2 

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