Review of the Movie – "The Stranger"
Before watching this movie, I read the blurb about the movie on IMDB and it sounded interesting, but I figured ‘How good could it be?  It has Steve Austin as the lead!’.  I’m sure many other people assume the same when they see him as the lead character in a movie, but its not necessarily… (0 comment)

Reviews Coming soon
Coming up soon I will have a few more movie reviews.  A review of the movie ‘The Stranger’ should be done tomorrow.  Aside from that, the movies coming up next are going to be: ‘The Fourth Kind’, ‘She’s out of my League’ and ‘Remember Me’.  The next video game review will be coming up towards… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "Public Enemies"
Hearing what other people had to say about this movie, I thought I was going to really enjoy this movie.  Overall, I did really enjoy it, but wished the plot had more to it.  It might be partly because it’s based on real people, and partly because you already know what ultimately happens in the… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie – "Unthinkable"
This is going to be a very short review – Go Rent This Movie!  Ok, of course I am going to offer you more details than that, but I am going to keep them brief, because I want you to experience it for yourself firsthand.  The acting by Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie-Ann Moss was… (0 comment)

Review of the Movie "Youth in Revolt"
I was a little disappointed after watching this movie.  Granted, I didn’t press play expecting a stellar comedy, as Michael Cera has a rather dry sense of humor, more so than you’d expect.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hold up to the comedy standards Michael Cera set for himself in movies like ‘Juno’ and ‘Nick and… (0 comment)

Next Movie Reviews
The next two movie reviews that I will be doing are – “The Book of Eli” and “Jonah Hex”.  I’m not sure which I will get around to first, but it will probably be ‘The Book of Eli’.  I’m planning on seeing ‘Jonah Hex’ at maybe 12 or 1 on Saturday, depending on what time… (0 comment)

Windows Mobile frustrations
I was going to blog tonight about either ‘Shutter Island’ or the video game I had just finished, ‘Splinter Cell Conviction’.  However, since last night I discovered it’s been a year since I backed up my smartphone, I figured I would get that out of the way.  As soon as I hooked up the phone,… (0 comment)