Review of the movie "Iron Man 2′
As promised, here is my review of the movie ‘Iron Man 2’.  Before I even get into, leave me your thoughts on what other movie you’d like me to review, as I am still looking to review 2 movies Sunday.  The question most people ask about Iron Man 2 is how much they’d enjoy it… (0 comment)

Playing catch-up
Just  a quick ‘in-between’ update, as I am a bit behind on a number of things to do.  First off, I am NOT liking this game ‘Way of the Samurai 3’.  It seems to be VERY hard to get into, especially if you have not played the first 2, because you are basically lost, wandering… (0 comment)

Coming soon – Movie Reviews
Yes, you guessed it, I watch a huge number of movies.  When I blog about a video game, I like to spend more than 10 minutes playing it (or 10 hours, for that matter)  before I pass judgment on it.  In a similar way, I don’t feel its appropriate to review a movie and write… (0 comment)

Future video game reviews
As many people know, or probably quickly figure out, I am a gamer.  Admittedly, I am not nearly as bad as I was years ago, but I still game far more than I should.  The worst part is how unproductive it is when you are all done.  It takes you 60+ hours to fully finish… (0 comment)